1st Day

What to expect the first day filming with us. See sample 1st day shoots at the bottom of this page.

  • Arrive and fill out the appropriate paperwork. You must provide us with two forms of identification (Valid Driver’s License, State Issued ID card, and Social Security card) so that we can verify your age and work eligibility for our records.  All information is kept locked at our location and is not accessible online.  We consider the privacy of all of our models to be of the utmost importance.
  • With the paperwork complete, you will then spend 20-30 minutes with the model coordinator and the owner for a new model orientation. This allows us to all better get to know each other and walk you through the day. We will discuss what we would like to do for the day and see if you have any concerns or limitations that need to be addressed.  Please note that the more honest and up front you are, the better the experience will be for you. We understand that for almost all of our models that this is a new experience and we doing everything we possibly can to make you as comfortable as possible before your shoot. It is also at this time that you/we will come up with a model name for you.
  • The first scene that every model shoots is what we call a “profile”. This primary purpose of this scene is to get you comfortable with your surroundings, the production crew, and being on camera.  This is a candid interview in which we ask you about your experience with spanking (please note that in the past all profiles were shot with the model being nude, this is no longer a firm policy and can be discussed beforehand and adjusted for your comfort level).  You may have never been spanked, or were spanked growing up, or might enjoy a little erotic spanking with your partner, either way, it allows you to become a little more comfortable speaking on camera without any sort of acting.  After the brief interview, you will receive a very light hand spanking, administered by a female spanker, that will last around 90 seconds. When the spanking is over, we have you sit back down and we finish the interview by asking you how you felt about the whole experience.  When this scene is complete, we will take some digital photos of that scene.
  • We find communication to be the cornerstone of our business, so after that scene, you will sit down with our staff and discuss how you felt about it, and more importantly, how painful you found it to be. The first spanking really is light, but we will ask you to rate it on a scale of 1-10 so we know exactly how the experience was for you.  Most models rate the intensity to be around a 2 or a 3 for the first scene.
  • Most models shoot 3 scenes on their first day, so after the first we will set up for a second one. The second scene is the first time that we introduce a little bit of a feeling of you being in trouble.  We do not expect any model to memorize any lines, so the scene is really run by the spanker.  Our content is always short and to the point without a whole lot of boring dialog.  For the second scene, it is pretty much something to the effect of “I told you what would happen if you did that again, so get in here and bend over”.  In this scene a very light leather implement would be used over your clothing.  Prior to this scene you will be given a “safe word” which is a word you can during the spanking that will cause everything to stop at that very moment. You will have a safeword for every scene you ever shoot with us, putting you in full control at all times. The goal of the first day has everything to do with your comfort level, and is really not about the intensity of a spanking.  This scene allows you to feel like you are in trouble and really get a sense for the type of scenes that we shoot. After the second scene we once again sit down and talk about your thoughts on it and ask you to again rate the intensity of the spanking.
  • Based on where you are at and how you feel about the first two scenes, we will discuss what the best idea is for the third scene and will move forward from there. Your entire first day is really about making you feel comfortable about our studio environment and you getting to know and trust us.  Our goal is for you to see that we are normal people who happen to make a living in the spanking industry.  Our desire is to build a working relationship with each and every model on this first day, so she will come back and work with us on a regular basis.

Below are profile videos from some of our models.  Please note that full nudity for this scene is not a requirement.

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